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URBN Explore

The Challenge

Every day hundreds of people pass through Drexel University’s URBN Center, home to the Westphal College of Media Arts and Design. This winding maze of a building features endless staircases and a disorienting numerical structure that leaves its visitors struggling to find what they are looking for. We developed a mobile wayfinding application to help people successfully navigate the building.

The Solution

We created a fully functional indoor navigation system using a network of proximity beacons. Now available on the App Store, URBN Explore is already helping students better navigate the URBN Center. Our guided tour functionality is also in the process of being adopted by Drexel’s admissions department for use with visiting families.

Muse Creative Award

Rose Gold Winner 2017

Vega Digital Award

Mobile Apps/Sites Winner 2016

American Web Design Award

Mobile Design 2017

A Cutting Edge Experience

Indoor Pathfinding

We established a location-based system in the URBN Center by installing a network of Estimote beacons . The result is pinpoint accurate pathfinding that helps students orient themselves within the building.

Cross Platform

The main mobile application is built natively for both iOS and Android. Companion apps are available for Apple Watch and web, in order to provide additional functionality like schedule planning and notifications.

Lasting Legacy

Our beacon infrastructure remains as a legacy for the building. We gave the university detailed documentation on how to utilize the technology used for location data, and are encouraging students to build upon the framework that we left behind.

iOS / Android

Apple Watch


Indoor Navigation

Use our map view to browse all floors of the building and orient yourself within the URBN Center. Click directly on rooms to pull up detailed information or set a destination. Visualize the building’s landmarks with our custom iconography.

Filtered Search

Search for rooms and plan your day using our detailed search functionality. Filter down rooms by name, floor, type, and even available equipment to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Offline Mode

Offline mode lets you interact with the map to plan out your route before entering the building. Browse the map and search for rooms ahead of time, and then follow the map when you’re in the vicinity.