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The Challenge

Prepped Delivery recently started a catering service, Prepped Events, and wanted to establish an online presence. This process was complicated by the fact that they already have an established website for their online ordering service. Our biggest challenge was creating an experience that integrated well with Prepped Delivery’s existing site while retaining its own unique identity.

The Solution

Rather than create a whole new site, we incorporated Prepped Events as a subdomain of Prepped Delivery. We researched existing user behaviors and designed a solution that could be integrated without disrupting the site’s flow. We introduced a unique URL and a portal on the main site, which ensured that catering customers have an easy journey to the new site as either direct traffic or as referrals.

Unique Page Layouts

Day Turnaround

A Brand New Prepped Experience


Content Strategy

We worked close with the Prepped team to conduct detailed research about their user base and business goals. This helped us get to the base of the issue and deliver a solution that made a positive impact on their business.


We put a lot of energy into optimizing the integration between Prepped Events and Prepped Delivery. The final deliverable is a site that maintains its own identity, while still living as part of the Prepped Delivery family of products.


Brand Image

To keep a consistent visual theme between the company’s services, we made sure that Prepped Events maintains the same brand image as Prepped Delivery. We utilized colors, fonts, and content patterns that mirrored the original site — with some unique individual twists.